Late night Rite Aid runs

If I hear one more person complain about prom and/or not having a prom date, I’m literally going to impolde. ENOUGH. WHO CARES. GO WITH YOUR FRIENDS YOU HAVE PLENTY. IT’S ONE NIGHT JUST SHUT UP

Advice of the day: Don’t ever get a car because you’ll become everyone’s chauffeur

Bless my choices to take a bazillion APs and end up nowehere because I got Bs <3<3 Thank you education system for simply rewarding those who challenged themselves and got the As or rewarding those who did not challenge themselves and got the As.

Thanks education system for shitting on me <3<3 it’s been real see you at community college

Why would you even do that as a hoax? That’s so not okay… but at least everyone is safe.

EDIT: confirmation that the gun man on campus at my high school was in fact a hoax.

A girl wore this shirt to school today; it was perfect.

The one day my calc teachers decides to collect a homework assignment, I have nail polish all over it.

Story time: Once, in my dream, there was a cardboard cut out of Chris Pine and I saw it and started crying. The end.

Stana Katic in Feb. 7, 2014 Beverly Hills Courier